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Brenda Rick & Tracy

Meet The McCain’s

Here’s Our Backstory! Rev. Rick & Brenda McCain are the hosts of “Let’s Stay Together Talk!” Our love journey started at church. We started dating and got married which took our relationship, love, and ministry to the next level. We started this journey several years ago with a vision that was given to Rick to start […]

The Next Stop

HAVING A CLUE ABOUT YOUR PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP Dr. Carey Yazeed Best Selling Author, Business Strategist and Motivational Speaker Let’s be honest, if you are reading this you are possibly at the point in your career where you want out.  You may have a secret yearning to start your own business, but don’t know where to […]

Making Marriage Work

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN A MARRIAGE Jodine Basterash is a domestic violence and sexual assault Survivor, Advocate, Author, and Motivational Speaker. After enduring domestic violence for 14 years, she’s developed an expertise on dating abuse not only for the victim but the family as a whole. She has dedicated her life to this cause by educating […]


Let’s Stay Together Talk as combine with Let’s Play to let people living and coming to Chicago now about all of the wonderful theatrical plays happening in the Chicagoland area. Come learn about the hidden gems of Chicagoland theater.Click here to be taken to our Let’s Play website.