Let’s be honest, if you are reading this you are possibly at the point in your career where you want out.  You may have a secret yearning to start your own business, but don’t know where to start.  Business plan, purpose, financial goals…OMG, it’s all just too much! You know you need help and somehow you landed here.  Or maybe you have a small business, but things aren’t turning out the way you had hoped for.  You stepped out on faith and you’ve given it your all, but you are struggling and emotionally it’s becoming too much.  You’ve tried to talk to your friends and family members, but everyone keeps telling you, “things will get better,” or “girl, you’re just going through a phase!” with a slight pat on the back.  But deep down inside you know that things won’t get better and this isn’t just a phase.  Trust me, I know where you are because I once was you!

I give individuals like yourself the tools that you need to overcome your fears, find your purpose and begin working towards starting that business you’ve always dreamed of.  I help small business owners to redefine their goals, identify their strengths and assess possible solutions that can help their businesses to grow.  I give you hope, permission to dream out loud and to finally live your life in high definition while being a boss chick!

So I guess you are wondering what makes me good at what I do and why you should work with me.  Well, in addition to having a Master Degree in Social Work from Tulane University and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Research from Louisiana State University, I have owned several successful small businesses including a photography studio, a bookstore, and a mental health private practice.  Over the years I have been featured in publications such as Bustle, ForbesGlamour and Social Work Today Magazines and The New York Post.  But that isn’t why you should work with me.  No, you should work with me because I stand behind my work and my clients achieve their goals!  Bottom line…I am results driven!

The key ingredient to the success of my clients is relationship building.  I believe that God brings certain people into your life for a reason and I respect and honor that.  I strive to help my clients to become the best version of themselves, and to take ownership of their self-worth and their futures while working towards their business goals.  I empower professionals just like you to become the business owner you were meant to be!

Now I know you are just dying to learn a few more things about me, so here are some nuggets of information that most people don’t know…I’ve written two urban fiction novels under the pen name of, CJ Domino (yes, that’s me!) and one was a best-selling novel.  I have served as a radio host for Crescent City Radio at Loyola University, for the show – Analyze This and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

So now that I have peaked your interest and gotten you excited, I guess you are wondering what is the next step.  Proceed to the coaching page and schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call where you and I will have the opportunity to talk and you can tell me some interesting details about yourself and our business aspirations!