Christmas Was Beautiful: Now I’m Broke!

When Did It All Change??

Gifts were supposed to be as an Expression of Love, Not a Holiday Obligation.

Unfortunately, the race is on what was once a mad rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas has spread into a “rush” of pre-Black Friday sales during the entire month of November until Christmas day.

Christmas was beautiful because you went overboard and felt obligated to buy that special gift for your family friends and now we are a little over 2 weeks into the New Year and reality has set in….and you’re Broke!”

Here are 10 ways to bounce back after the holidays!!

1. Review Your Holiday Spending

2. Make a Plan to Tackle Debt

3. Put Extra Cash Toward It

4. Set up Automated Payments

5. Transfer Balances

6. Develop a Support Network

7. Seek Professional Help

8. Avoid Quick Fixes

9. Monitor Your Credit

10. Start Saving for Next Year